Summer Blast Events Arrival

Most of us know and love the Summer Blast Events! They help us get more XP, more Coins and many more things we all love, I’m glad to say that these events are here to stay, for the whole summer!

Receiving XP and Coins

If you haven’t had the chance yet, you should the good ol’ Madden Mobile back up because the event is on and the whole community is thrilled to say the least. We have been looking forward to this event ever since it ended last year and we will be doing so this year too, you can’t not love it, maybe that’s just me.

News show that most events that happened recently have had an increase in rate of XP and Coins received by each player. It looks like the people over at EA Sports Mobile want to make its players feel more special than usual. I personally see this as an absolute win as we needed more reasons to start up Madden Mobile each day, a welcome activity for all in my opinion.

absolute win

The XP and Coins you receive during these events are to remain in your account even after its end date. You don’t need to worry about losing them, so chill out, you’ll keep your hard earned items with no drawbacks! 🙂

Seasonal Updates

We are all looking forward to receiving more events like these from EA Sports, best case scenarios like this one end up with the whole player community in mass happiness. We are still getting used to summer, the whole thing just started and I can’t stress enough how much I personally enjoy starting up Madden Mobile in the morning, it’s one of my favorite activities. With the new event that just popped up, the game became half of my day, to say the least.

Before any of these events even started to happen, the player base was extremely happy, the game was good and it offered a lot while asking for almost nothing. Now with the season updates and events still in shape the game has become a garden of joy for its community. The updates bring fixes, new teams and updated stats most of the time, along with a theme that comes wrapped around the date the update is set to release.

These updates can happen around Christmas time, Easter, Valentines Day and so on, you get the point. That’s why the people are so excited about each new update the developers come up with!

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