Where is Madden Mobile’s future headed?

Not too long ago all of the Madden Mobile players witnessed a once in a life time update to the game (I’m not talking about the Madden Mobile Hack update here). The long awaited and somehow dreaded Madden NFL Overdrive update. It sneaked up on us when we least expected it and frankly, I think that was great. The update fixed a lot of the issues in the game that definitely overstayed their welcome to say the least.

The last update came with unfortunate changes, the teams and the players got all spun around and the game seemed to be a mess…at first. There isn’t that much to say about players but hey, I’ll make every word count so that way maybe you’ll understand what I’m trying to say. It looks like the future of Madden Mobile might be resting into our very own hands, the player base. It’s time to make real choices based on the needs of the game, it could use us, now more than ever! 🙂

Buffs N Nerfs

The idea is : most of the players got buffed or nerfed, there is no easy way to put it. It seems like the changes were all for the better future of Madden Mobile as the teams feel a lot more balanced now even if some of our favorites are now playing a little less like we got used to. However, on the buffed side of things, I’m glad to see that my teams overall rating has increased, I mean, who doesn’t like to see their team perform better, am I right?

As you may have already guessed, with great updates comes great responsibility towards the player base. EA Mobile did not disappoint when it comes to that. After the initial update, Madden Mobile kept on getting updated, every day, every week, every month until they reached what the players finally thought was a good game. They didn’t let us down for one second even with their micro-transactions and what not and we never gave up on them. Because the game is worth so much more than what the people give it credit for.

What’s coming next?

For once in their existence, the player base of the game and the maker of the game put their differences aside and kept on grinding to create the perfectly balanced game we know and love to this very day. We wouldn’t be too surprised if the near future held another large update for Madden Mobile, everything is possible when people try to make things better, it’s one of the few things worth my time to be honest.

If you look back at how the game started you too would be surprised at the amount of changes the game has undergone. It was so basic and easy to understand in the beginning but as we progressed and got better, so did the game along with us and now new people can barely get started on it!

madden mobile overdrive update

We try to look at things differently after a major change, yes, I am talking about the love-hate relationship we have with our dear micro-transactions in Madden Mobile. We all expected a positive change or negative at the very least, it looks like the system remained 100% untouched as far as the naked human eye can see. That should be a relief right? Indeed it should, but if nothing has changed then it looks like the system is bound to change sooner or later. In our case it’s mostly a later type of deal. We can only hope things will not take a turn for the worst and make all the work, sweat and tears that went into this great update obsolete.

Let us wrap this up, the game is heading in an unsure direction, we are here to help it as much as we can. Let’s try not to disappoint, the last statement goes for both the player base and for the developers of the game.

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